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Tyneside Novel is LIVE. Follow along at or by searching #tynenovel from Twitter.

Tyneside Novel is a new media project designed to compose a “novel” over the Twitter social network. Unlike a traditional novel, the project aims to attract as diverse a set of authors as possible. To that end, a group of invited authors from all over the world will be joined by community members, all writing the same story. To contribute to Tyneside novel, all one needs is the project hashtag: #TyneNovel.

After the project is launched on June 13th at 10:00 BST, all tweets containing the hashtag #TyneNovel will be incorporated into the narrative flow chronicled on – please note that this site is not yet live. If you’re curious or want more details about the process, check out our FAQ.

The project was conceived and developed by Jon Winet, Peter Likarish and Molly Gallentine.  A press release is available.